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Site updated: October 24, 2018


About Us

  Employee Benefit Funds Administration Ltd. (EBFA) is a non-profit organization.

We administer the Pension, Health & Welfare, and Education Benefits on behalf of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Local Union 424.

Our aim is to provide accurate, timely and professional administrative services plus effective on-going communication that meets the needs of the Plan Members in the most efficient and effective manner.


Potential Mail Disruptions

Health and Welfare Benefits

If you are unable to mail your claims to EBFA as the result of a mail disruption, you can still send your claims by fax at 780-465-0808 or by email at claims@ebfa.ca.


For time-sensitive documents, such as pension or commuted value applications, you can arrange a courier and pay them to deliver the documents to EBFA. Documents are still required to meet all deadline dates. Please note that packages sent by courier that are not pre-paid will not be accepted by EBFA.

Please note: Registration forms will not be accepted by fax or email as EBFA requires the original form.


Please note:
Only prescription drug claims should be sent/remitted to NexgenRx.
All other claim forms must be sent/remitted to the Fund Office for payment.